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Guide To Buying Metal Roofs In Canada

Guide To Buying Metal Roofs In Canada

Metal roofs are increasingly finding favor amongst Canadian homeowners. Offering many qualities like fire-resistant, durability, comparable price, light-weight, longevity, energy saving, and quick installation; these roofs are becoming staple across Canada. So, before you call a qualified roofing contractor, you should know some basics of metal roofs.

Most of the metal roofing materials are made from steel or aluminum. However, metals like alloys and copper are also used despite being in higher price bracket. Most of the market share is captured by aluminum and steel since they are more economical and offer similar benefits compared to other metals. They are known to hold paint finishes better and are highly durable. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and therefore it is highly prone to damage and denting. It offers excellent anti-corrosion properties making it ideal for Canadian weather.

Selecting a look for metal roofing

The look for your metal roofing is as much important as is its functional value. So, you need to have a definitive idea of what you want. Residential metal roofing can be procured in two basic types including shingles and sheet-like panels. Under these categories, users can choose from a wide variety of patterns, colors and sizes.

  • Metal panel roofing – It is the most well known familiar pattern of standing-seam roofing where the ribs are raised every 6-12 inches. These are applied vertically and from a distance looks exactly like a metal roofing pattern. This honest, clean and architecturally raw roofing gives a classic metallic impression to the viewer. It is best used on a mountain cabin or many classic architectural homes.
  • Metal shingle-style roofing – It is quite different compared to sheet roofing. Here, the metal is made in a tile like form to resemble the classic shingle roofing elements. They can look like a slate, Spanish tile or wood shakes. Such shingles are normally given factory layer finish to imitate real shingles complete with a granulated-stone topcoats.

Benefits of metal roofing

  • Expected life – When installed by a good professionals, a metal roof can outlast the home even. They are good at sealing water, easily shed snow and also survive high winds. They are highly resistant to fire, rot, mildew and insects. Most companies offer a high warranty period in the range of 25-30 years.
  • Weight – Metal roofs are light weight in nature. They are normally around 50 to 150 pounds per square inch.
  • Ease of installation – Most metal roofs can be installed quickly. Multiple-shingle sections can be laid out fast. Since the roof is light weight, you can also save on costs for supporting structure.
  • Heat conduction – Metal roofs reflect radiant heat better compared to other roofing materials. This minimizes mid day heat gain. So, you can save more on your HVAC costs.

Metal roofing benefits are many and choosing the right roof can further increase the value of your home. Hope this above guide will help in selecting the right roof for your home. For more information on metal roof, you can contact our professionals.

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