You know it’s character. It never lets you down. It is a statement that there is no need to prove anything to anyone. It fits any environment and every situation. Never out of style and never out of place. No glitz, no glam, no bling.

The color of natural stone has always connected us to the earth. Faithful, enduring, strong, and adaptable to its environment. We had to marry the world’s perfect metal shingle with it. As the years go by, neighbors will ask why your roof never ages. It continues to look as solid and enduring as the family that lives in it.

When they ask you how much you paid to have it installed, you’ll grin at the actual value you’ve purchased. You’ve got Armadura’s 50 year, no excuses warranty covering your behind. Winds can howl, hail can pelt, blizzards can rage, and your roof will continue to look beautiful while it keeps all the elements out. We’ll keep protecting you and your family. They’ll keep wondering, and asking, and asking about your roof, for at least a half century. That’s an extremely comfortable choice to make.

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