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Don’t Call Me Sea Bass

Hello there! I’m Sebastijan Zupanec, but you can call me Sab, Zoop, Sebby, or Uncle Awesome – just don’t call me ‘Sea Bass’, okay?

Let me tell you, I’m bursting with pride over what we’ve cooked up here at Armadura. Our journey with the Armadura Metal Roof started amid the 2008 recession – remember the automotive sector’s meltdown? Well, we were the little guys facing worldwide problems. No big bailouts for us at Nahanni Steel Products.

But we buckled down, kept our team afloat and made sure our community still had solid jobs. This wasn’t just any business; it was a home to many. Where I had been since I was just a kid. But, boy, did it scare me. I craved more control over my future, not wanting to hinge everything on the auto industry.

So began our hunt for new ventures. Projects and jobs where our “metal bashing” expertise could really shine. Being an ISO certified company in the auto biz means a lot – perfection is the only rule in the game, and we play it well. Every piece we make… every hit we take… every punch we break (sing it with me) – it must fit like a glove. Every time!

We wanted an industry where we could elevate the game with our skills and passion, and then an opportunity came along where we could make a difference. Yes, metal roofing! Oooooh, I know, sexy right?

As we looked around and witnessed some of the workmanship and metals on roofs – we felt we could do a better job. If we made stuff like our competitors, heck, we’d have lost our ISO certification. I know, these are strong words, but the roofing industry needed a shake-up. It needed Armadura™.

So, in 2010, we poured nearly $2 million into creating the Armadura Metal Roof System. I won’t bore you with the techy details – our sales folks can cover that. But we made sure it was more than just solid; it had to be outstanding. Heck, you can check out our UL rating for wind, hail, and fire resistance.

But most of all, it had to look the part. We’re talking about a premium product here that’s protecting your home and looking great for decades. We decided to give the metal a textured, mountain slate look and feel that will impress others for years to come.

Bottom line, I’m proud of what we’ve built. And we’ve built the best metal shingle on the planet – or my name’s not, well, you get to pick! Just don’t call me ‘Sea Bass’.