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Coated by the best

Strong and long lasting paint is important when manufacturing a metal roof. We chose Sherwin Williams to supply us with the industries best coatings. When applied to our metal and stamped into the Armadura Metal Roof panel you can be sure to have a roof for life.

High Strength Steel

Using our 50+ years of experience with processing metal we chose to only use high strength steel. This allows us to make a product that is better for the installer while allowing for maximum patterning for an incredible slate look.

Trims made by us

​We know that for something to fit together perfectly, all the pieces should be made by the same manufacturer. That is why we make all of our trims in-house. This is important to us.

We believe that roofing should be forever.

Armadura Believes Roofing Should Be forever! That’s why we voluntarily subjected ourselves to the soul-crushing environmental testing facility at Underwriters Laboratory in Chicago. UL’s process is designed to destroy roofing panels within a predetermined amount of time. Armadura didn’t just survive the tests; they surpassed the highest standards possible.

See the results for yourself at and search for listing number R38565.

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