Standing out from the crowd. A flame of creativity, a burning torch of unique in a sea of cookie cutters. Attracting attention (the torch of success) wherever you go. It is not a cocky thing. It comes with the path less travelled. Why would you choose a normal roof for your home?

Nothing attracts attention on a cold, dark night like the glowing ember of a fire. It’s the inspiration we chose when we decided the world’s perfect metal shingle needed to glow with life. It’ll burn your neighborhood’s inferior roofs with envy at every sunrise. They’ll have to shield dull eyes from the Armadura glow. I’d say paint the town…, but lets start with your roof.

Go ahead and let everyone wonder how much that roof cost you. You can keep quiet about the amazingly low cost over its 50+ year lifespan. Yep, that’s how long this roof is going to look fantastic, ‘cause Armadura’s got your back. We’ll keep protecting you and your family. They’ll keep wondering, and asking, and asking about your roof, for at least a half century. Man, that’s a bold choice… you’ll always be happy you made.

See Ember on your home with our online visualizer tool.