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Simply the best. The best is not flashy or obvious. The best is quiet and reserved. The best reveals its deeper self in small increments. It’s not always obvious. Sometimes the most beautiful part lurks just out of sight, waiting for a shift in position, a change in perspective in order to glimpse its treasures. You love when there is far more to offer than what most people realize. Hidden talents. Experience beyond years. A depth that others have not yet seen.

It’s like the sun glancing off a rustic for a few minutes at sunset. It changes from rock to an entryway into heavenly realms. That is the color of Rustic Slate. Every time your neighbors look at your roof, they’ll notice something they haven’t seen before. The look changes through the days and the seasons. They’ll marvel, not quite sure how to explain it. It’ll be like the rest of your life. Captivating.

They’ll wonder how much that roof cost. You’ll chuckle a bit at how much you’ll actually save over the life of your roof. Hail, heavy winds and blizzards are no match for Nahanni steel formed into the world’s perfect shingle. Armadura’s got your back with a 50 year, no excuses warranty. We’ll keep protecting you and your family. They’ll keep wondering, and asking, and asking about your roof, for at least a half century. What an exciting choice that’s even better than it seems.

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