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Regal. Charcoal Slate captures the look of grey slate – the original crown to every fairy tale castle. All sorts of texture, and all sorts of natural. Your neighbors will notice that your home doesn’t stand out as much as it crowns the neighborhood.

Solid, handsome and lasting. The Armadura metal shingle married to the essence of Charcoal Slate is proof that excellence should never come at the expense of beauty. It is a trade not worth trading. It is a distinction others wish they carried as effortlessly as you do. This is something a king or queen possesses.

When they wonder how much your roof cost, you’ll feel the satisfaction of the excellence you have achieved. Installed perfectly the strength of Nahanni steel gives you a 50 year, no excuses warranty. We’ll keep protecting you and your family. They’ll keep wondering, and asking, and asking about your roof, for at least a half century. Now that’s a crowning choice to make.

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