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If you are looking to install high quality metal roofs that can last for a longer life, then Armadura Metal Roofs are the perfect choice. These roofs come with unmatched 50 years warranty that allows you to save a lot of bucks on repair and maintenance costs. The Armadura Metal Roof is a proud achievement of Nahanni Steel Products Inc. Our products are completely designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

If you don’t want to redo a call to your metal roofing contractors in Edmonton, then make Armadura roofs your first ever choice. Believe us or not, they are meant to last forever and are tested to survive any Canadian weather condition ideally.

What Makes Armadura So Durable?

So you are curious to know how these roofs can survive for 50 long years that too in harsh weather. The manufacturing material that offers it durability is galvanized steel. Stamped out of treated steel material and coated with industry’s most durable finish allows it to last forever. With Armadura, you can own a really tough, affordable, amazing and beautiful metal roof.

As one of the leading metal roofing manufacturers in Edmonton, we provide world class roofs that are sustainable, dependable and environment friendly. There are many metal roofing contractors who claim to deliver the best in quality roofs, but we claim this with a proof – a warranty of 50 years. With extensive warranty coverage, our customers can achieve peace of mind.

Why Choose Armadura Roofs?

  • Unique Style
  • Great Durability
  • Much Resistance
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Energy Saver
  • No Maintenance
  • Natural Designs
  • 100% Canadian

Are You Planning To Install A Metal Roof On Your New Home?

Choose Armadura for unbeatable benefits & long life.