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Simple elegance. Like a little, black dress or a classic, black tuxedo. Timeless and versatile, especially when well-made. Honouring the classics and bucking the trends black remains in style 50 years from now.

You can’t get more black than blocking out the sun. This roof is that color. We didn’t call it black because it’s the absence of color. It’s rarer than that and shades far more beautiful. It makes everything you pair with it elegant. Audrey Hepburn and James Bond. This is something a king or queen possesses.

When others wonder how much it costs, you’ll smile thinking about the long-term value of having the best roof you can get. Timeless majesty for 50+ years, no excuses. Armadura’s got your back. It won’t fade, won’t dent and installs perfectly. They’ll keep wondering, and asking, and asking about your roof, for at least a half century. That’s the best choice you could ever make. A timeless classic.