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Top 4 Benefits Of Metal Roof Installation

Top 4 Benefits Of Metal Roof Installation

If you are looking for affordable and durable roofs in Canada, metal roofs are your ultimate choice. They are one of the frequently used roofing material that is gaining tremendous popularity due to its amazing features and functionality. Metal roofs can stay in its exact shape and size for more than fifty years which is actually a turning point in their popularity. Compared to other material like wood, a metal roof is less prone to rotting and damages.

Some of the benefits of metal roofs are:

  • Easy to install : Most of the metal roof materials are available in the shingled form which can be purchased in the size of 12- to 36-inch-wide panels. These multi-layered metal shingles are easy to install and are strong enough to survive the toughest weather conditions. Since there is no need to cut the pieces, metal roofs take the least time for installation. Just screw and hammer up the shingles and the roof is all ready.
  • Fire resistant: Unlike wooden roofs that can easily catch fire and burn out, a metal roof is made of the non-combustible materials that make them resistant to fires. They don’t even melt or spoil due to the intense heat. Even years after the installation, you can find the roof in the same shape and color as it was at the time of installation.
  • Heat conduction: Metal is an exceptional material that reflects the radiant heat emitted by the sun and minimizes the effect of the day heat on the interiors. It is also known as an energy efficient roof that can really help in cutting the energy costs by maintaining the room temperature. Since the material is itself low in insulation R-value, it increases the energy efficiency.
  • Minimal roof pitch: Metal roof provides minimal roof pitch and can be installed on gently pitched roofs without any complication. It also prevents leaks by shedding away the rain and snow collected over the roof surface. The panel interlocks and slippery surface provides it resistance against leaks.

These are some of the amazing benefits offered by metal roofs. If you are planning to install or replace your existing roofs with the metal ones, feel free to consult our expert roofers at Armadura Metal Roofs.

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